We combine proven marketing principles, aggressive price points, and superior quality melded into an exceptional line of products no distributor should be without.

SYNERGY EROTIC is the brainchild of industry veteran Bob Wolf, and is intended to meet specific needs and desires of wholesale distributors and retailers alike.

Bold Packaging Design

Synergy Erotic proudly announces our new “Corporate Identity” packaging, a bold new way of branding our exceptional products while incorporating all the packaging features you’ve come to expect from us. Add something bright, bold, cost-effective,and attractive.

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Outstanding Price

We invite you to compare the Synergy lineup against our competition for quality, appearance, and price, and we are sure you’ll come to the same conclusion so many others already have: Synergy Erotic offers distributors and retailers an unparalleled opportunity to improve their profitability.

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Personalized Service

Synergy Erotic offers our customers the most personalized customer service in the industry, so whether you’re looking for a new catalog, any of our promotional material, or have a product question, we’re here and ready to assist you, personally!

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