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Synergy Erotic’s Best in Class 90-day Replacement Warranty

90-day warranty

Synergy Erotic believes your customers deserve the best quality products at the best possible prices.  To ensure they are getting what they pay for Synergy Erotic offers a Best in Class 90-day REPLACEMENT WARRANTY.  That’s right, a 90-day, no questions asked replacement warranty!

Best of all, retailers don’t have to administrate the program, Synergy Erotic will take care of it for them.  When a retail customer purchases a Synergy Erotic product all they have to do is register their purchase online (instructions are included in each package), including a picture of both the UPC label and their receipt.  If for any reason the customer has a problem with their toy Synergy Erotic will replace it at no charge, not even shipping.  No more worries about customers coming back with a used/broken toy, we’ll take care of it for you.

We understand customers can, and should, be cautious about giving out their contact information.  Please assure them when they register their toy(s) with Synergy Erotic, we guarantee NOT to use, sell, or give their contact information to anyone, nor will we ever use that information to solicit them.  In fact, their information is stored in our database (with very limited access) and purged after their 90-day warranty expires.

Synergy Erotic’s 90-day warranty may not seem like a big deal to some, but in a crowded market place every little advantage helps, so make sure to mention our warranty to customers comparing one brand to another, it will make a huge difference.


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