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Cleaning Sex Toys

Cleaning sex toys is probably the last thing on our minds when we get done using them.  But proper care and cleaning can help ensure they continue to bring you pleasure time and time again.  Always do your best to clean your toys as soon as possible after use.  The longer it waits, the more time bacteria and other unsavory things have to grow and get into your toys and their nooks and crannies.

Sex toys can be made from any number of materials, including silicone, ABS, while many more are made from jelly-like materials (TPR’s and TPE’s), and while hot soapy water is pretty much the way to go regardless of the material, some differences should be noted: silicone is non-porous and is fairly impervious to just about anything you could wash it with (within reason) while the jelly-like materials are quite porous and should be cleaned with mild disinfectant (re: body-safe) soaps.

The difference in materials isn’t only important during cleansing of your toy but also during the drying process.  If your toy is made from silicone (non-porous) it can withstand all the rubbing and blow drying you can throw at it.  But if your sex toy is jelly-like, and therefore porous, great care should be taken NOT to rub the toy dry, rather you are better off lightly patting it dry or very gently blow drying.  If you rub a jelly-like sex toy dry it you will embed left-over impurities and degrade the surface, making your toy unsafe for future use.  In our opinion, any toy made from a material other than ABS (hard body vibrators) or silicone should be considered as a “renewable resource” and replaced periodically because there is no real way to keep them 100% clean, fresh, and hygienic.

While the guidelines above are good for cleaning just about any sex toy, below are the cleaning and handling guidelines specifically for Synergy Erotic Toys:

Synergy Erotic Toys Cleansing and Handling Guidelines

  • Although our toys are 100% submersible the batteries should ALWAYS be removed and the battery compartment allowed to air out after use in water or cleansing.
    • There is always a chance moisture may get inside the toy and allowing it to air out will help ensure a long, enjoyable life for the toy.
  • Always clean Synergy Erotic toys in hot, soapy water with and anti-microbial soap.
    • If the toy is silicone you can aggressively dry it with a towel.
    • If the toy is manufactured from a jelly material DO NOT attempt to rub it dry, allow it to air dry on its own.
      • Jelly toys can be very sensitive to the friction brought on by aggressive rubbing.
  • Silicone toys are fairly impervious to most anything because the material is non-porous, but any other soft, pliable material should be considered as a “renewable resource” and replaced periodically because no matter how diligent the user is there is just no way to keep the porous material 100% clean and fresh.
  • When using a Synergy Erotic toy, we ALWAYS recommend using a water-based lubricant, regardless of the material the toy is manufactured from.

While we offer these general guidelines for any time you find yourself cleaning sex toys, following the manufacturers recommendations will always yield the best results and the longest life for your toy.  We here at Synergy Erotic hope this helps you have a full and pleasurable experience, as well as many more cleanings to come.