Synergy Erotic combines proven marketing principles, aggressive price points, and superior quality melded into an exceptional line of products no distributor can be without. When you want to add something bright, bold, cost-effective,and attractive then Synergy Erotic is the only real choice.

Just look at these features:

  • Display friendly packaging with minimal overhang for tighter, more consolidated presentations and less wasted wall space.
  • Colorful and attractive artwork that draws attention to the products.
  • No lewd photos to distract, embarrass, or intimidate female customers.
  • Crisp clean icons denoting the various features of each item, thus providing the retailer with a “passive salesperson” within their display wall.
  • Superior quality manufacturing ensuring you of fewer returns and maximizing profits.

Synergy Erotic gives the retailer the ability to fit more products in a given amount of wall space, in attention grabbing packaging, at a more advantageous price.

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