The Jelly Oro-Simulator is NOT your typical Oro-Simulator! Synergy Erotic has done away with all the cheap, stiff PVC components and replaced them with a high quality rubber and our super-soft “Ultra-Gelle”.

First we replaced the original vacuum bulb with a 100% rubber version, providing the user with incredible vacuum that translates into an invigorating oral sensation. Next, we increased the length of the vacuum tube so the user could relax and be more comfortable during use, and finally, we developed an incredible Ultra-Gelle sleeve brimming with small nodules for added stimulation. When combined with a touch of water-based lubricant the Ultra-Gelle sleeve pulses, mimicking a human mouth and inducing a shattering orgasm.

Black SYN1800001

Jelly Oro-Simulator Black SYN1800001

Blue SYN1800002

Jelly Oro-Stimulator, Blue SYN1800002