The Excite-Her Bullets are the only 100% submersible bullet on the market, and when we say submersible we mean the bullet AND the battery pack! That’s right, this ultra-powerful 2-speed toy allows the user to take the fun into the tub, shower, hot-tub, wherever, and it will continue functioning all day (or night) long!

Featuring Hi/Low vibration, a sensual pastel or luster finish, and a reinforced cord, the Excite-Her Bullets are a feature packed bargain.

Pastel Black SYN2100001

Pastel Blue SYN2100002

Pastel Lavender SYN2100006

Pastel Pink SYN2100008

Luster Black SYN2100101

Luster Blue SYN2100102

Luster Lavender SYN2100106

Luster Pink SYN2100108