The Synergy Erotic Mega-Bullets are unlike any other bullet on the market, with a 15% larger motor and counterweight, the Mega-Bullets spin at a slower speed yet produce a body-quaking low frequency vibration you just will not believe.  If you’re looking for an experience like no other then look no farther than the Synergy Erotic Mega-Bullets.

  • 15% larger motor, counterweight and outer shell
  • Uses 3 “AA” batteries power for extended run times and extreme power
  • Infinitely adjustable rotary speed control
  • Reinforced 30″ cord

Daydream Blue SYN2100202

The Perfect Touch Mega Bullet Daydream Blue SYN2100202

Luscious Lavender SYN2100206

The Perfect Touch Mega Bullet Luscious Lavender SYN2100206

Passionate Pink SYN2100208

The Perfect Touch Mega Bullet Passionate Pink SYN2100208