The 8″ Touch-Me’s are a series of seductive penis shaped toys with a stimulating Ultra-Gelle skin molded over an articulating spine that bend and hold their shapes, allowing the user to stimulate just the right spot. Soft, sensual, and inexpensive, the orgasmic Touch-Me’s are a must have.

  • Over-sized vibrator strategically placed directly in the tip enhances the users’ experience
  • 100% submersible for “take anywhere” fun
  • Simple single button control for the Hi/Low functionality
  • Phthalate-free Ultra-Gelle skin for body safe enjoyment
  • Articulating spine that bends and holds its shape
  • 2 “AAA” batteries (not included)

Squirmy Touch-Me
Lavendar SYN2800106

Squirmy Touch-Me Lavendar SYN2800106

Wavy Touch-Me
Pink SYN2800208

Wavy Touch Me Pink SYN2800208

Gently Touch-Me
Pink SYN2800408

Gently Touch-Me Pink SYN2800408

Silky Touch-Me
Pink SYN2800508

Silky Touch-Me Pink SYN2800508

Only Touch-Me
Pink SYN2800708

Only Touch-Me Pink SYN2800708

Please Touch-Me
Lavender SYN2800806

Please Touch-Me Lavender SYN2800806