Quality is a term thrown around all too easily, but we at Synergy Erotic use the term with a sense of pride and commitment. Our products are manufactured from the highest quality materials and workmanship, bringing superior toys to the retail market in a manner our competition cannot match.

Begin with what the customer sees first, the packaging, which (unlike our competition) is virtually as important as the products inside. Why such a focus on the packaging and appearance? To bring our retailers the greatest opportunity for profits in the shortest amount of time, and to do so Synergy Erotic follows these guiding principles:

  • maintain a strict policy of minimalist packaging size, eliminating “overrun”, decreasing wasted wall space while increasing profitability
  • highlighting the products through the use of bright, colorful artwork that attracting consumers attention, increasing sell-through and profitability
  • developing “Universal Icons” that allow customers to easily identify the materials used, the functionality of the toy, the battery needs, as well as compatibility with water

Once you get past the beautiful packaging you find toys produced from some of the finest materials available, manufactured by some of the finest crafts people in the adult industry.

Synergy Erotic’s “Ultra Gelle” is a soft, luscious, realistic feeling material combining a wonderful tactile sensation while being body safe and Phthalate-Free. We urge you to preview our Luscious Thrill-Hers, Luscious Dreams, or any of our “Touch Me” toys and take note of the brilliant and intricate detailing we are able to bring to life with “Ultra Gelle”.

Synergy Erotic dove into the silicone market with our original “Wave” in 2009 then followed on with a number of toys, developing a reputation for unsurpassed texture, feel, and functionality, all while maintaining an absolutely unwavering level of quality (there’s that word again!) in the raw materials used for production. Synergy Erotic silicone is 100% pure and is repeatedly tested to destruction (upon importation to our complex), thus assuring our retailers and customers they are purchasing truly hypo-allergenic and Phthalate Free toys.

Unlike many of our competitors Synergy Erotic owns virtually all of our own molds, meaning less degradation and increased product detail, whether it’s an Ultra-Gelle skin or hard-body vibrator.

Synergy Erotic’s commitment to quality is apparent from the first moment you see one of our products, and that quality carries through to the end user who can indulge themselves in a sensually stimulating adventure time and time again.

Bold Packaging Design

Synergy Erotic proudly announces our new “Corporate Identity” packaging, a bold new way of branding our exceptional products while incorporating all the packaging features you’ve come to expect from us…

Variety & Value

We invite you to compare the Synergy Erotic lineup against our competition for quality, appearance, and price, and we are sure you’ll come to the same conclusion so many others already have…