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I am sure that you have heard many things about silicone before.  Some of them rather common, some you may have never heard before.  So lets go through what you need to know about silicone when you are shopping for your next toy.  We will navigate through several key points and what you should remember.

Not all Silicone is Created Equal

That’s right.  Not all silicone is the same.  And while it is a great material for use in adult products, there are still a few things you need to know.  There are different grades of silicone.  It is rated on several different properties.  Several primary factors of this are things like tinsel strength, or it’s ability to not fall apart.  Other areas silicone is rated in is its elasticity and many other factors.

While elasticity and strength are both very important when considering an adult product, they are far from the most important.  By far the most important quality of the right kind of silicone for this is very simple.  Is the silicone of high enough quality and purity to actively fight microbial growth.  Or to put it plainly, is it high enough quality that stuff wont start growing in it.

The keyword you are looking for to know this is also very easy, FOOD GRADE.  Food grade silicone actively prevents microbial growth simply as a side effect of its physical properties.  Its just not a good place for things to grow.

Buzz Words

Understandably, everyone wants to make sure they are getting the right material in their products.  But do not get fooled by buzz words, or ‘shiny’ descriptions of silicone.  You want food grade or better.  You might find descriptions or claims of ‘Platinum Cured Silicone’, ‘Addition Cured’, ‘Peroxide Cured’ or any number of other fancy ways to describe the fabrication process of the silicone.

These buzz words are only meant to grab your attention and imply that it is somehow better than silicone without this description.  They are meant to detract from the fact that all food grade silicone has the same requirements and properties.  So, unless you are looking for silicone for a seal while designing a pacemaker, or as a component in a high temperature engine or turbine, these additional buzz words and descriptions are pointless.

Our Commitment

We at Synergy Erotic have always been dedicated to producing safe, quality products.  To this end, we use nothing but food grade silicone.  Additionally, our products carry a 90 Day Guarantee.  On top of this industry leading warranty, we actively seek out and act upon feedback from vendors and consumers alike.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback on our website, twitter, Facebook, or google plus.