Synergy Erotic Novelties is dedicated to bringing you an unrivaled level of service, satisfaction, quality, and pricing, making for a combination that will keep your customers coming back and your profits growing.

Synergy Erotic manufactures entry to mid-level toys featuring levels of quality and functionality well beyond our price point; we won’t substitute inferior materials just to save a few cents.  To back that up we offers the best warranty in our price range, and retailers don’t have to administrate it at all, we do it for you!

In addition to our quality and warranty, our packaging moves us even farther ahead of the competition!  How?

  • Display friendly packaging that fits slat and grid wall perfectly, making for tight, cohesive, attractive display
  • Bright, beautiful artwork that draws customers attention without the use of scantily clad models that distract, embarrass, or intimidate some customers
  • Our exclusive box manufacturing technique that keeps our packaging looking pristine longer for a better sell-through rate

Synergy Erotic takes pride in bringing you cost-effective toys that allow you to aggressively price them while holding the profit margins wholesalers and retailers both need.

If you need, vibrators, vibrating bullets, vibrating balls, silicone vibro-dongs, rubber vibro-dongs, or silicone plugs, we need to be your first stop!

Like we said, Synergy Erotic makes your customers happy!

All Synergy Erotic products are covered by our class leading 90-day replacement warranty, administrated by Synergy Erotic so retailers won’t have to.

To order your Synergy Erotic novelties, contact us here:

ph: (800)366-3283

fax: (702)778-5483


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