Synergy Erotic took the ANME show by storm when we unveiled our new packaging and 2 new products.

Passione’ G-Supreme

The Passione’ G-Supreme is designed specifically to stimulate a woman’s G-spot, and while that is nothing new the Passione’ G-Supreme stimulates in ways no toy has ever done before. Based on a couple years’ worth of market research Synergy Erotic found women asking for some very specific things in a G-spot toy, such as:

  • A larger diameter that brings satisfaction during penetration as well as during G-spot stimulation
  • A much more powerful vibration
  • A toy that could be directed specifically at the G-Spot
  • Easy, non-fussy controls
  • Must be completely submersible
  • Must be cost-effective
  • Hygienic and body-safe

To accomplish these goals, we started with a clean sheet of paper to design the G-Supreme and came up with a sizeable toy (6” of curved penetrating length with a 1.75” diameter at the head) made from 100% pure food-grade silicone, featuring our exclusive “Syn-Sation” stimulation bump. The G-Supreme’s vibrator is directly in the tip of the toy so the Syn-Sation bump vibrates like no other toy on the market, taking G-spot stimulation places it’s never gone before. Speaking of the G-Supreme’s vibrator, we used our famous “Mega” motor that produces a slower, body-shaking, low-frequency “thrum” as opposed to the typical high-frequency buzz you find in everyone else’ g-spot toys, so until you try the G-Supreme out you’ll have no idea what you’re missing.

The G-Supreme features a single button control and 7 vibrating, pulsating functions, so all the user has to do is find the style of stimulation they prefer, hold the button down for 2 seconds when they’re finished, and when they restart their new best friend it will return to exactly the same function they left off with. By the way, that single button control is facing upwards for ease of use; when a woman is using her G-Supreme she can control the functionality with a single press of her thumb.

As with virtually all Synergy Erotic toys, the Passione’ G-Supreme is 100% submersible, so unlike our competitors who claim their toys are “waterproof” when they are probably only “rinseable”, the G-Supreme can follow the fun into the tub, shower, hot tub, wherever!

Available in two colors, Luscious Lavender (SYN2500806) and Tempt-Me Pink (SYN2500808), the Passione’ G-Supreme’s are schedule for release in late 2016.  Pre-orders are being accepted now.

Prostate-Pro MAX

Aside from the physical benefits of Prostate stimulation there are also the pleasurable aspects to be considered, and that’s where the Prostate-Pro MAX comes in.  Anal play has historically revolved around size, so Synergy Erotic designed the Prostate-Pro MAX to powerfully stimulate/massage the Prostate while giving the user a fulfilling sensation from the 1 ½” diameter.  Don’t be fooled, the Synergy Erotic Prostate-Pro MAX is NOT your typical anal play toy, and here’s why:

  • Featuring Synergy Erotic’s exclusive “Hands-free design” – the user lubricates their toy, inserts the toy far enough for the exclusive “Retention Ring” to glide past the Sphincter, and the “Retention Blades” then keep the toy from penetrating too far
  • A gently curved body that naturally follows the bodies contours, placing the engorged tip directly against the Prostate
  • 100% food-grade silicone construction (for the insert-able portion) for body-safe, hygienic fun (and ease of cleansing)
  • 7 vibrating, pulsating functions with a memory chip so the user doesn’t have to hunt for their preferred setting
  • Simple, one-button control makes changing functions amazingly quick and simple; no fumbling around for various switches or controls
  • Our Mega bullet, placed directly in the tip, produces a low-frequency “thrum” unlike any other anal toy on the market; the sensation it produces simply cannot be replicated by any other toy
  • Not only will the size and power of the Prostate-Pro MAX amaze but repeated use can both intensify orgasms as well as increase ejaculate

Available in Sinister Black (SYN1000401), the Prostate-Pro MAX is scheduled for release in late 2016; pre-orders are being accepted now.

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